Inclusive design:
Get people outside your
own bubble, involved

Inclusive design

1. Design for everyone, test with everyone

Testing with very diverse people, will give insight into the usability and understandability of your site or app. People with poor eyesight or hearing, people who are not practised in Dutch, people who use one hand and many other people are happy to help you. Participants talk to you or test your product or service in practice. The result is insight into the degree of accessibility and understandability. 

We actively think together with you, about the execution of the test.

2. UX research with diverse people specialises in researching the accessibility and understandability of websites and apps.

Comprehensibility testing with less digitally savvy people?
Accessibility testing with people who use screen readers?
We are happy to organise the complete survey and reporting.

3. Consulting

  • Do you want to know who you unconsciously exclude? And how to prevent that exclusion?
  • Looking for help to add inclusion to your diversity policy?
  • Do you want to know which (WCAG) guidelines your website or app does not yet meet? And how to organise accessibility?


We share our knowledge on diversity and inclusion. We initiate a concrete inclusion action plan for your organisation. We accelerate making your sites and apps accessible.

We are happy to be a member of your team on a temporary basis.

Inclusion encompasses more...

We assist in writing the accessibility tender paragraph and we offer (online) presentations.

Improving accessibility and comprehensibility is our mission. If we can add value in these areas we are happy to help. 

Feel free to contact us to discuss your challenge. If we cannot help you, we are happy to think along with you and provide names and numbers that might help you further.

Our customers

About us is a networking organisation. Participants tell each other about and everyone helps to find the right people again.

Ingrid Pfrommer

Owner Expert in achieving inclusive services. Years of experience in the digital world.

Niels Kentie

Niels Kentie one of our key networkers. He seeks participants within his own network. Niels sits in several Think Tanks on inclusion.


Is one of our testers for websites. He can handle various screen readers and provides pleasant and patient explanations.


Is one of our participants. She is excellent at pointing out which words are too difficult for her or which texts cannot be followed.


Is also a participant. He is not practised in using PC or mobile. Give him a task and see where things need to get easier.


Our goal is to make the world accessible and understandable for everyone. So that everyone participates and there is greater understanding of each other through contact. In an accessible world, benefits are available to all, preventing problems such as unnecessary debt.

We bring designers and researchers into contact with diverse people. So that people themselves can tell their wishes and experiences and show what goes well and what could be much better in design!

With, we make it easy to learn from real experiences.

Gender equality
Reduced inequalities
Sustainable cities and communities