Inclusive design:
Get people outside your
own bubble, involved

Inclusive design

1. Diverse participants for user research

Inviting diverse participants is your best bet for valuable input. We can help you to find the participants and arrange everything for the participants to be able to join the interviews, physically and or digitally.

Or are you looking for a complete report on barriers and suggestions for improvements? With minimal hassle for your organisation we can arrange your qualitative research. Of course we will always encourage you and your colleagues to attend the interviews.

  • Do you want to test for comprehensibility?
  • Are you looking for people who make use of wheelchairs?
  • Or interested in special digital needs for elderly people with a non-western background?


Challenge us! We have a large network and together with our personal approach we can fullfill almost all requests.

2. The inclusivity scan: how inclusive is your service?

Don’t you want to continuously improve your product and services? Get some fresh ideas from our diverse users. They can, for example, show you their workarounds, so you can make these obsolete for everyone.

You ’re guaranteed many ideas for improvement, improvements  for absolutely everyone. We can arrange this for you without disturbing your day to day activities.

The results will stimulate your team to design more inclusively.

3. Workshop

Discover the importance of inclusivity through exercises based on your own website and products. You will learn about guidelines and regulations and we provide available processes and tools to enhance your inclusive design. 

The goals are:

  1. Enhance awareness and knowledge about inclusive design among your design team members
  2. Create an inclusion action plan for your design organisation.
  3. To start with inclusive design the next day.


Inclusion encompasses more...

We assist in writing the accessibility tender paragraph and we offer (online) presentations.

Improving accessibility and comprehensibility is our mission. If we can add value in these areas we are happy to help. 

Feel free to contact us to discuss your challenge. If we cannot help you, we are happy to think along with you and provide names and numbers that might help you further.

Our customers

An accessible and understandable world for everyone...

Kick-start with a workshop and create your own inclusion action plan. Or get actionable advice from diverse participants but above all involve a highly diverse group of participants in your own research.

These are some ideas on how to start with inclusive design. Let’s discuss what approach suits your company best. In all cases we help you to create inclusive, accessible and understandable services and products. So that more and more users can actually take the action they want.

People who are now often unconsciously excluded by designers are, for example, people who cannot read and write well, people with information-processing problems or people with disabilities.


Our goal is to make the world accessible and understandable for everyone. So that everyone participates and there is greater understanding of each other through contact. In an accessible world, benefits are available to all, preventing problems such as unnecessary debt.

We bring designers and researchers into contact with diverse people. So that people themselves can tell their wishes and experiences and show what goes well and what could be much better in design!

With, we make it easy to learn from real experiences.

Gender equality
Reduced inequalities
Sustainable cities and communities